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The following message was updated on 9/22/2023 7:22:54 AM.

financing levers and SOTP valuation

recently a number of posters have indicated some optimism by adding shares... let's review the potential inflection points that could vindicate that confidence in their anticipated chronological order:

SCD... in Nov 2022 ER, patient #6 dosing was announced, who was the 2nd of 4 patients expected to be dosed by YE2022 with the improved mfg process... in Feb 2023 ER, company announced a potential P3 would only proceed if the program was partnered... no news since and any partnership announcement would be a pleasant surprise

CAR-Tregs... initial P1 update (probably for safety only) expected by YE 2023... but M&A and sector news has been very active and SGMO maintains there's lotsa continuing inbound partnering/M&A interest

Fabry... P3 protocol(s) could be disclosed as early as YE 2023... market needs clarity re a potential Naive/P-Naive trial and a potential on-ERT trial... data at WORLD in Feb 2023, esp biopsy results, should provide a clear signal of efficacy that KOLs feel has been missing... that, and/or partnership news, could be a binary event

Hemo A... pivotal P3 readout expected in mid-2024... binary event would be if/when PFE discloses its intention to proceed with a BLA filing

Nav1.7... IND expected in 2024... that's the likely inflection point to solicit partnering interest

Prion... IND expected in 2025... ditto re Nav1.7

Prevail... Prevail has an exclusive AAV capsids licensing option for multiple undisclosed neurological targets with an undisclosed expiration date and $1.2B in potential milestones plus tiered royalties

Chroma... Chroma has a ZFP licensing option for specified targets outside CNS with an undisclosed expiration date and undisclosed potential milestones as well as royalties

and then there's the infinite pipeline and patent estate :-)

re SOTP valuation... to KISS, now just flesh-out your assumed economics and probability of success to quantify each program's valuation... then add each program's valuation together and viola, there's your SOTP... that's how it is usually presented on this MB

but then it could get a little more complicated... ya might wanna factor in the company's ongoing costs/expenses and calculate a net present value of the anticipated net (positive or negative) cash flow... and that's what any potential suitor/partner would do


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