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Re: Shopping Fabry to Partners?

Added 1k shares today. ;)
Question for ryno: he says this is a death spiral. When pray tell, will the death occur?
I was planning on holding for another 20 years.
You think I won't get there?
Also - for those that actually paid attention:
SM did not suggest that Fabry will be partnered.  He said their partner/no partner decision is simple. They look at the cost and risk it will take to run something and the potential return on the other end. SM said Phase 3 will be $50-100M to run.  This, as their wholly owned lead asset, has the greatest subsequent reward on the other side, and is extremely likely to succeed.  As such, the math for this equation strongly suggests it won't be partnered unless the numbers presented are in kind.  The impression I got was much along the lines of what I believe Watsoncrick has posted - SM alluded to running a worldwide trial as an area where a partner could potentially add value.  So a 50/50 co-marketing US/ROW split may very well be in the cards, and that could be a great setup for SGMO. I would be in favor of this - as long as they are not giving the lion's share away like what happened with Hemo A.
As for the talking heads that have dominated this board - I personally think SM did a great job at Stifel and the company needs to have a pipeline that continues to get fleshed out.
Hemo A and Fabry are going to get to market and SGMO will still be in business when that happens. I've seen this with other companies like EXEL when there is nothing in the pipeline behind the initial products.
Might be tough for people to see now, but you'd think those who have been here a while would know better.
What will the SP be when Hemo A and Fabry are on the market, Nav 1.7 is IND'ed and the initial PI/II data comes back positive? $50+? Any of our follow on trials in these large patient populations will blow the doors off of this thing. SM said it will be a 'glorious future'.  Indeed.
P.S. As I mentioned earlier - I voted all my shares in favor of everything at the ASM except the two measures to increase share count.  I think they have more than enough shares to work with and they need to innovate and balance partnership strategy and cash burn to see themselves through without unnecessarily ballooning the share count.
I will continue to add at my regular intervals, but I will also post here less and less.  I'm buying a mega lifted Jeep kitted out with a rooftop tent to go overlanding in, so my new daughter and I are going to have a glorious summer as we wait for SGMO's glorious future.
Peace. :) 

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