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Re: Fabry recap

you don't pay attention to details... when you read my posts, you only "hear" what you wanna hear to suit your agenda and not what I actually say in my posts

yes, I posted "the pathway closed" but it was very clear in context that was AVRO's position for its potential P3 trial... I never said it was McClung's position (it probably should be but that would flame-out some of the current sizzle)

and what's with "compensating him 20% more than SM" ?... McClung's salary is >$200K less than SM's and McClung's past 2 bonus were ~$150K each vs ~$500K for SM... but that's only a drop in the bucket compare to the $59M spent on IMD clinical R&D in 2020 and $64M spent in 2021

and BTW, is it fair to say that your position is that ABR is not an issue/problem in the Hemo A trial... and that the lack of P1/2 updates at EHA and (likely) at ASH is not a concern ?

yes, "facts can be inconvenient at times", but they never are for me... they are the foundation for my investment theses

and details matter, too... BTW, yesterday's "fireside chat" was at Jefferies, not WF :-)

but carry on... posts wherein you always try to just prove me wrong are very entertaining (just like "2fingers" nit-picking), but you really oughta just stop digging and focusing on the salient issues

speaking of which, how do you expect that SGMO will address its financing situation for the next 2-3 years ?... again reasonably "expect"; not the remote possibilities

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