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Re: Should the board be renamed "The Ryno and Nocash" board?

"Skepticism unfortunately is mocked here"

Aside from BCT this statement is just not true. what is mocked is the continual stream of inaccurate information or biased interpretation thereof to paint a negative picture. Happens every day with both you and ryno.

- You repeatedly say SGMO is spending excessively but when I pointed out the actual comps you dismiss them by pointing to open job reqs. Really? Dismissing the spend comps due to open reqs is one of the weakest arguments yet.
- You continue to point to jobs saying BEAM is "super lean" while sangamo is overspending and still hiring. When I point out the actual spending and burn at SGMO compared with other platform companies you dismiss it as not meaningful
- You call me out for quoting an EV for Beam and "correct" it by quoting their market cap.
- You dismiss the difference in the pipeline for SGMO vs comps are not meaningful and go on to state that cost per program or burn per program are meaningless because the stage of the program is what drives cost. Left unmentioned is BEAM who has no dosing clinical programs so their age of programs is really preclinical yet somehow that doesn't matter to your thesis.
- Ryno said Fabry would never be able to complete Fabry dose escalation because they couldn't find patients. He then said enrolling 50 to complete this program would be a "5 year pipedream".
- Has stated repeatedly that all programs partnered with Biogen, Novartis, Gilead, takeda and Pfizer were dead. Even said the 2 VPs that left NVS to join sangamo after they inked the deal were obviously deadwood and "encouraged to leave".
- Said Bettina was gone just because she didn't participate on one call. Repeated that for days going on to say that IR must be incompetent when he was told she was listed as in attendance.
- Has created a personal interpretation of ABR that is without evidence which he uses constantly to call out the death of the program...first to be announced on the last call and now conveniently moving it to ASH.
- Went so far as to say repeatedly that the Sangamo selloff in 2021 was unrelated to the biotech blood bath with the Sangamo selloff being "company specific" and tied to SB525 bleeds. Haven't yet heard any statement that the current rally is company specific.
- Now we hear him say that Patient 4 and 5 for Fabry are still on ERT. Funny but that's not what the company said on the last call.
- Tried to point out that Duncan had left and made an observation that they may be planning to shut the office. That was met with an snarky response that SM would never do that because he wants to continue to travel there.
- dozens of other examples but no need to waste more effort

I've tried to engage with you and found it fruitless as you just put on your faux objective suit and wait for ryno to post something that you can use to mock what was said.

"No discussion of investment decisions or strategies on merit"

On that we agree.

Anyone who would have engaged in an objective discussion that included risk assessment are long gone or lurkers as the one thing you two have done is to take over the board by relentlessly posting more than any 5 other posters. Any discussion that tries to include actual arguments or facts is met with responses that are anchored in the basement of the Hierarchy of Disagreement. Among others some typical tags include snowflake or management apologist whenever the evidence is inconsistent with the inaccurate posts.

Take a bow. You've largely taken control over a social media site by making it too painful for others to participate. Claims that you are trying to "balance" the overly bullish sentiment are clearly smoke screens given how your posts dominate in quantity

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