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Re: Risk/Reward Profile

I admire your patience. Just a soft comment on your spread, fwiw. I saved the link that someone posted on a machine recently designed that can be purchased by research agencies. It finds the unintended CRSPR/Cas9 changes to the genome located around the infusion site. The second to last paragraph, beginning with "For now ... Kemiec" identifies that the machince cannot find the random off-target changes that might be made in the body.

The link is: https://phys.org/news/2021-02-crispr-app-reveals-unintended-mutations.amp#referrer=https://www.google.com&_tf=From %1$s

My understanding is that unintended changes in the genome are potentially oncogenic. In statements by SM that I recall, he expects that one day the number of agencies working in CRSPR science will find a solution to this imprecision. However, he is not expecting a solution very soon. Chilly weighs in that in accepting the risk of

All five firms utilize CRSPR. CRSP (symbol for the Swiss firm) just had report of a CAR-T trial producing dismal results against higher efficacy rates in existing CAR-Ts targeting blood cancers than Novartis, Kite/Gilead and BMY. Thus, spreading your bets makes complete sense and perhaps the precision of zinc fingers may have a very bright wake-up in the near term. All the best.

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