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Msg  154261 of 154442  at  1/13/2021 6:28:34 PM  by



if this was the first SGMO presentation that I ever heard, it sounded great... but after ~10 years, everything that I heard sounded very disingenuous

* it's noteworthy how much we have achieved in 2020... we worked from dawn to dusk and have an abundant of riches for the future... translation: get ready for me to award huge bonuses for the usual nondescript, failing to meet expectations performance

* Kite-037 IND was originally guided for 2019... then they updated in Nov 20 for an IND before year end... now it's sometime in 2021

* the paradigm changing MPSII trial is now toast... first it was DN, then it was HIV, now its IVPRP... what's next ?

* TX200 now 2H2021... in the next update it probably will be 2022

* two (2) patients dosed in Fabry, we're expecting a P1/2 update by YE 2021, and then to initiate a P3... in the meantime, AVRO has already presented 9 patients with up to 42 months of data and is meeting with FDA in Q1 2021 for a pathway to wide-label approval

but there was one point of realism: SB-525 needs data from a large number of patients to draw a reasonable comparison with the competition

re the Q&A... it was amateur hour... SM deferred to McClung and his lame duck CFO

that's my take... but instead of just attacking mine, I'd love to read your's :-)

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