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Re: "Why buy the cow"

>>Here's the deal PFE does a HUGE Partnership and takes an 30% Equity Stake with a Five Year Stand Still Agreement at $40 a share...<<
Elaborate please...are you suggesting a 30% equity stake at $40 p/share? 
I could live with that...
*To each his own, but from my perspective re. SGMO's potential, the willingness of some to be happy with say a $20 buyout seems a bit shortsighted as SGMO, assuming no set-backs and sans a total complete devastating market melt down, might have a s/p figure of ~ $17ish just by year-end.  Personally, my guess is SM feels that SGMO has a good chance of sporting a M/C closer to $5B within say 4 years...again assuming continued clinical success. 

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