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Re: Beta-Thal.

 The CNS opportunities seem just much better than we ever have heard before and they are working om MS and Crohn´s disease as a follow up on the Tregs. All look good.
But I do share some concern for Beta Thal. This is the third conference call where Sandy is telling us it will take up to a year to really got results from Beta -Thal, comparing it to BLUE. Well, that surely is in contrast to the upbeat results from April 2 where we showed  over 30 %  levels after just some 8-10 weeks. No talk about that anymore. Not sure that it matters but it draws some parallels to MPS when they realized they will not show the great results their first data release promised. I just see a red flag, I could be totally wrong , but  I won´t  ignore those red flags anymore.  
Everything else, expecially CNS and Treg just sounded too good to be true. 

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