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Msg  63587 of 65672  at  6/19/2019 8:16:30 PM  by


The following message was updated on 6/19/2019 8:16:30 PM.

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Re: AA Nanoflu is a game changer

Billy, I updated my post 63566. I believe itíll better answer your questions. Yes, I do blame the FDA and the swamp. ResVax has been proven safe, it has met an unmet medical need based on all cause data that has eluded scientists for over 60 years, saves hospitalization costs, save babies lives, and has done so with better results than APPROVED vaccines or..... it hasnít. It has. A system is broken when lies are truth and truth are lies. The system is broken. Not doing Phase IV is outrageously wrong. Allowing 1 baby to die by not moving this forward is wrong. u

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63590 Re: AA Nanoflu is a game changer BillyT 1 6/19/2019 11:28:28 PM

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