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Re: Stark from YMB

Wrong. The 100ug dose was deemed too high in SAEs and reduced for a reason. That was for a pandemic virus in emergency. No way in hell that flys for an annual vaccine for flu. Their current dosing proves this. It also proves how disingenuous your comments are OR how little you know. Iíll let you pick which.

There are two types of universal vaccines being looked at. One combines dozens of HA structures and the other targets less variant proteins ((N or nucleocapsid) . This has been the hope for 50 years. But if you would like a primer on the subject for CoViD you can read one of my issued patents with those claims.

The final process changed for flu after they learned certain tricks during CoViD. Thus the need for a repeat ph3. I expect them to launch the combo CIC first as a differentiated product with distinct advantages. They will partner for the CIC ph3.

No their process does not take 7 months. It takes 3 weeks. But developing a new process the details change with each variant when you use anion/cation exchange chromatography. This requires validation. And do note they delivered tens of millions of doses in less than six months. Your statement offers a glimpse of how naive or uninformed you are on the entire field of endeavor. Wow that suggestion is downright ignorant. Or disingenuous as that is possibly an alternate interpretation. In this case itís gob smacking dumb.

You have earned this scorn. Your post is point by point demonstrably false to the point of being ridiculous.

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