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Re: Is Jacobs a miracle worker

Flu/Covid shot is the blockbuster. Covid is over. Malaria is the global eye stopper given itís been the biggest killer of mankind in history and NVAX technology is used to stop it. All eyes on NVAX this year, just in time for them to see the safe & effective Flu/Covid vaccine. Just these two alone are worth a market cap of $5 billion. 5x todays price. Iíll hold for the next year. Black swan events: China orders NVAX & negative safety signals becomes so apparent for mRNA that mRNA vaccines are pulled. Canít hide this forever. Either of these two happen you are at $5 billion market cap in a week. U

Edit: Probably sooner than later 5 billion MC. Do they really want to lose all confidence in government? Maybe they do. Safety, safety, and safety. How does FDA give full BLA to an experimental vaccine without data? FDA can only answer this. Now MIT professor calling for complete removal. Getting to be criminal if they donít pull mRNA.

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