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Re: Former Pfizer Employee

You're digressing from the subject. Are you going to hold redplate in total disregard for his early belief that this virus originated from a bat or pangolin at the Wuhan Seafood Market?  Let's discuss merits of the information and not the personalities. 
Spanish researcher's, La Quinta Columna, have reported the secret presence of graphene oxide nano particles in these mrna vaccines. Secret in the sense that it is not listed in the ingredients of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.
Now, Karen Kingston has since reported vaccine graphene oxide is 100% in these mrna shots.  Furthermore, she supports this assertion by citing the patent filings.  It is not listed in the Moderna and Pfizer patent because it is a "trade secret".  However, the Pegylated lipid is encapsulated by graphene oxide and is listed in the patents of Chinese pharma SinoPeg, The lipids are cross referenced in SinoPeg's patent filing as well in Pfizer and Moderna's patents.
I would rather discuss the subject merits rather than attacking Karen Kingston or making offhanded comments such as "laughable bullshit" which shuts down open dialogue.  No cancel culture bullshit.

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