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Re: This morning ceremony recording

I hope you are correct about Novavax vaccinating the bulk of the world. I get concerned when I hear that the EU is buying up to 1.8B doses of Pfizer and the US is buying 500M to donate to the world. The rich companies of the world are buying mRNA vaccines and are going to donate them to COVAX or other countries directly. Each free mRNA vaccine is one less dose that Novavax is going to sell.

We all want to believe that Novavax is going to rule the booster market, but how can that be if they don't have yet have a Wuhan version of their vaccine authorized for use? How long after the first authorization or approval with it take Novavax to gain approval for a variant or multi-valent version? This is what concerns me as an NVAX investor. I feel MRNA and PFE are way ahead in the booster race simply becasue they are 6 months ahead in the initial vaccination race.

There are still billions of people that need to be vaccinated, and Novavax should get a good share of them. That share shrinks every day they don't have an approved vaccine. I can see Novavax making the first 1B doses of Wuhan vaccine, but then having to change over to a different variant because at some point there may no longer be a market for the original Wuhan vaccine. Will that cause a gap in production to switch antigen manufacturing to a new variant? How long will it last? How will revenue be impacted? Inquiring investors want to know...

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