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Re: 'Discussion' between Linus and PJ

There is an interesting discussion going on on GL, between Linus and PJ, about GPL3. It's kind of hard to follow because Linus posts as anonymous and there are so many other "contributors" to the discussion. Here is a set of links that might be useful in getting through the discussion as pertains to Linus and PJ.


"Kernel developers' position on GPLv3" Anonymous: simply points to a lwn.net article


"This is really bad news" Anonymous: complains that lwn comments weren't "submitted though gplv3.fsf.org"


"This is really bad news" Linus (anonymous): answers above, says "they were", discussion starts


"This is really bad news" Madscientist: asks Linus about inadequacies of GPL 2


"This is really bad news" Linus (anonymous): says GPL2 is enough, makes "scare tactics" connection between GPL3 "curtailing rights" and US's "war on terrorism" approach curtailing rights


"This is really bad news" PJ: concludes that GPL2 is broken because "Tivo" happened, implies that GPL3 "fixes" it


"This is really bad news" Linus: calls "bullocks" on that one


"This is really bad news" PJ: Accuses Linus of "argument by putdown" (perhaps the ultimat in pot-kettle)


"This is really bad news" Linus (anonymous): Ask's PJ to listen to herself.

It's still ongoing, and gets easier to follow at this point, I think.

People here often discuss the follies of "religious fundamentalism." If that interests you, then this might too, because it is really a similar discussion, but in a context that some would claim is not religious.

Wally Bass

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