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Msg  45554 of 169235  at  10/1/2007 10:48:54 PM  by


OT: Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

As things slow down, while waiting for this pig to finally kick the bucket in bankruptcy court, I just finished scanning the latest entries in Ray Beckerman, Esq.'s anti-RIAA blog. I came away with a distinctively cheery attitude. Although at first glance this might be considered OT, a closer examination finds it not to be as OT as one might think, at first:


On the eve of trial, RIAA attempts to introduce several feet of paperwork into evidence. Defendants oppose, and the judge, rightfully slaps them down. No soup for you, RIAA.

Gee -- introducing piles of supposed evidence, long after discovery. Sounds like anyone we know, hhhhmmmmmm?

And, it gets better, once you dig down to what the so-called evidence was about. The defendant, early on, in discovery, requested proof of copyright ownership from the plaintiff, RIAA. You say we infringe your precious copyrights? Show 'em. Show us proof your copyright registration.

So, RIAA hands over a bunch of paperwork. But half of the copyrighted works are registered to entities other the ones who have filed this lawsuit.


So now, RIAA dumps feet-rolls of paperwork, on the eve of the trial, supposedly showing the chain of title. The defendant moves to strike. Motion granted.

So, now RIAA is going into court tomorrow, suing the defendants for violating the copyright on stuff that RIAA does not own (at least as far as this case goes).

Gee, now where have I heard *that* before?

I've scanned the posted filings, and on each filing I expected to see BSF's letterhead. For some strange reason, I did. Dunno why. Funny.

And if you think that's surreal, there's more:


Another RIAA case. The defendants inform the plaintiff that they're going to move to dismiss the complaint, for failing to meet pleading standards, unless they ammend it. So, what does RIAA do?

The RIAA /asks/ the defendant's lawyer how they -- RIAA, that is -- should amend the claim in order to meet the pleading standards, and avoid the motion to dismiss!

"Gee, folks, we want to sue your pants off, but can you help us do that, we can't seem to figure out how to do it ourselves?"

Now, in fairness to SCOX, I can't remember anything along the same lines, but, give them time. Clearly SCO and RIAA are taking lessons from each other. I half-expect SCOX to file something asking Novell's lawyer how to help them draft a motion to oppose Novell's attempt to impose a constructive trust. And now, thanks to Mssr. Beckerman's blog, I'm well prepared for such eventuality, and, unlike others, am prepared for it and thusly will train, in advance, to avoid any possible injury to my liver, and other major internal organs.

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