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Msg  169332 of 169418  at  11/20/2023 4:10:33 AM  by


I see the exodus from Gaza starting

There is a development beginning that I should have foreseen, but did not.
I believed that the exodus from Gaza would only start when Egypt was pressured to evacuate them to the Sinai. That is something they are extremely reluctant to do. However, much of the world has become seriously sympathetic to the plight of Gaza's population, and offers to take them in are beginning to arrive from around the world. I believe this is going to accelerate. Egypt will be willing to accept such a solution. The Palestinians, as usual, will not be given an option.
For the Palestinians, this is a better outcome from the one I had expected them to face. Rather than an extremely impoverished life in the deserts of the Sinai, they will have the chance to live more normal lives, some better than others.
Of course, this is perfect from Israel's point of view. They succeed in the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and, with Gaza's population dispersed globally, they will avoid a refugee camp still close to its territory with many young people whose number one objective in life is revenge. Once enough pledges to take in Gazans are made, Israel will the willing to accept a ceasefire, with conditions, and force the population across the Egyptian border into exile. They may allow a token number of Palestinians to remain for PR purposes, but will want at least 90% either dead or gone.
That will leave Israel with the problem of the West Bank. The incremental efforts to rid themselves of the Palestinians there has significantly speeded up over the last month or so, largely by heavily arming extremist settlers, and supporting them with raids by the IDF when Palestinian resistance in certain areas is too strong for settlers to overcome by themselves without personal risk. So far, bombing of the West Bank has remained relatively limited, perhaps because Israel fears losing US support for its impunity if they go too far too quickly. 

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