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Re: Original complaint: Dominion vs Fox News

[Walter] began about the Dominion vs Fox lawsuit, and as always asked "be specific", etc with details.  
And you replied, specifically, with details.  So did I, but you were somewhat more comprehensive.  That was fine, and the correct response.  "fuck off troll" is not the correct response, and that's the one that's seemingly being championed by others.  Those others may have misunderstood my approach of talking to Walter. I certainly don't intend to take any shit from him, and won't let him get away with the whataboutism and so on that he has historically relied upon when he's painted himself into a corner.
My question is why Walter came back now, when the whole house of cards is starting to visibly collapse. He's not completely stupid, despite being bought into a cult, he had to know, deep down, what the replies were going to be.  He had to understand that he had no argument to back up his statements, that there was, y'know, no "there" there.  Every reasoned rebuttal is another piece of that cult's hold on him being chipped away.
It's highly unlikely that he'll stop being fundamentally racist (and you can most certainly do wordplay on the word "fundament" in that phrase) but there is a slight chance that he will realise that certain of the things he's been taught to believe, and the things he's been instructed to prioritise, are morally wrong.  Maybe we can start to bring back the walterbyrd of old.

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