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Re: Perceived conflicts of interest

Hearsay is not necessarily a lie, but it is not credible evidence either.

In regards to issues more important than the weather, such a criminal court case, or removing a POTUS from office. Hearsay is not typically admissible. This a a long standing rule, and has been so for good reasons.

Practically everything the democrats have used to smear Trump with, is hearsay. or opinions. There have been relevant facts Facts are being suppressed. The three witnesses who have testified, before today, are not actually witnesses to anything relevant to this inquiry. Much of the witnesses testimony is about their feelings and/or opinions.

As is typical in a kangaroo court, not only is selected hearsay allowed, but the defense is not allowed to call witnesses, or to cross examine, or to know the charges against him. Most of the inquiry has been done in secret, behind closed doors. The person running the kangaroo court is extremely biased, and has lied several times about relevant matters. There is no semblance of due process, or basic fairness.

Such a process has never happened before in all of US history. This is absolutely shameful.

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