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Msg  154930 of 155511  at  11/19/2019 7:34:33 AM  by


Do not look at this message

Expecting lots of distractions today. It's going to be another day of "but whaddabout this..." or "look at this shiny object!" or "you can't believe these people because they don't sniff at the dear leader's behind!" 
Fully expect our residential multi-nymed dimwit to be in full meltdown mode today. As predicted, it will get worse. The symptoms of buying into a cult often lead to a complete meltdown as the truth rears its ugly head. There is always a reason that the prediction of the end of the earth, the coming of $deityToBeNamed does not occur, and the 'world wasn't ready' etc.
Reality is a struggle that people invested in making a short-story out of an encyclopedic novel cannot fathom. It simply does not work within the limited model of their universe. Explains many a dangerous individual driven to kill as they seek to control what they cannot comprehend. Sad really, as even a modicum of intelligence and education would help, but travel away from their remote isolation would do much to cure.
Have a nice day all. Don't worry, be happy!

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