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> There is a big difference between leveraging your fame to make money when you leave the presidency, and selling access to the presidency during your term in office.

Is there? I seem to remember someone here saying that Trump may have made some deals with Russia before he became president. Seems like the same sort of thing. The payoffs supposedly came when Trump was out of office, for what Trump did while Trump was in office.

Also, what about Bill making huge $$$ - from foreign sources - for the Clinton family while Hillary was in office?

Also, didn't the Clintons rent out rooms in the White House?

> Family members profiting from their connection to the president is a problematic area that merits oversight, but is qualitatively different.

You seemed to lump elected offical and family together: "People and organisations (foreign and domestic) can curry favour with the Trump *family* by such acts . . ."

> I have seen no evidence that Bill Clinton's speaker's fees from people he had known for a long time was related to the fact that he was Hillary Clinton's husband.

He is not getting those kinds of fees now. With the Clinton's out of power, big donations to the Clinton have stopped as well. Bill was getting twice his usual speaker's fee from the Russians before the uranium one scandal.

> Certainly, I have seen no credible evidence that the Obama administration made decisions influenced by his speaking engagements.

How could you know? I thought you were concerned about possible accusations? i.e. "Trump has, at the very least, laid himself open to accusations of profiting from the presidency."

Do you have credible evidence that the Trump administration made decisions influenced by his real estate holdings?

> I do not think people writing books while holding official positions, or being family members of those in official positions, can easily be painted as a corrupt practice.

What if those books are bought by foreign entities? Is that not foreign entities giving money to people holding official positions?

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