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Msg  149795 of 155530  at  6/13/2019 8:20:55 AM  by


Re: jayaram - childlike simpleton

Prefer the line from the latest Coen Brothers' flick, the Ballad of Buster Scruggs : "Looks like when they made this fella, they forgot to put in the quit."

Right after that, Buster drops the poor fellow. Great movie for a Netflix original. Another one in their line of great flicks.

Don't think he would ever understand that there is a difference between copy and paste and actually passing an electron across a synaptic gap and posessiing a thought of his own. Reminds me of the poor dude about to be shot with all of his fingers gone from the shooting hand. No one is capable of stopping him, he's just going around in his own delusion of having a chance at making a difference at this point.

As my friend from Avenger used to say: "It's like wiping your ass with a bicycle tire; the shit never ends."

Have a nice day all. Don't worry, be happy!

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