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Re: HIPAA Violation

We all know humans are stupid, and evidence is in no short supply on this board. All you need do is sit back and watch the joke continue to post his fawning praise for orangecrate.com so profusely. Makes me think he really is admitting that the plan failed because of a website, an author and all those meddling kids.
It's an absurd theory, but he'll keep it up. If that is the case, he's never going to be able to recover. The better bet would be to just move on, but there are some children that never mature. Diapers would better suit, but not sure how large they'd need to be to accommodate that pile of poop.
One can only wonder how much time you have to spend listening to the same crap on your headphones trying to hypnotize yourself into suspending all common sense in the face of the obvious. The behaviour is very much cult-like, refusing all evidence that clearly indicates you are wrong because everyone else must be wrong.
It is sad, a waste of life, and a real tragedy. However, it is his right to self-delusion and would not dream of disenfranchising his right to hold his head in the sand. He honestly can't tell the difference between darlmclied, freecode, Chuck Talk, korbomite or any other names he wants to claim are at fault for his own failure to get outside and observe the reality that is the world.
My pity on the fool. Forgive the sinner, not the sin. There is no animosity toward it - just a really sad heart that no one would take the time to intervene and tell it that life is not well lived continuing to try to rewrite history. A failure to learn from history will always mean that you are doomed to a repetition thereof. 
It is the idea that the person could consider themselves a 'conservative' when they so clearly avoid the values of self-reliance, accountability, and ownership of their own mess that is so truly pitiful.  A baby in diapers at least knows when it makes a mess and seeks help to have it removed. Some people simply enjoy lying in their own excrement and blame others for the fact that they pooped their pants.
Have a nice day all. Don't worry, be happy!

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