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Re: Good price action

I pulled this off the ASCO Post dated April 25, 2016 - Emerging strategies in TNBC:

Lots of good targets discussed here, and it strikes me that moving 839 forward in TNBC may not be prudent with paclitaxel. Ongoing evidence suggests nab-paclitaxel has logistical advantages, fewer AEs, plus higher PCR rates. Additionally, targeting AR with Xtamdi has shown solid ORR, PR, and stable disease in early TNBC trial. In a nutshell, I feel paclitaxel therapy is getting left behind quickly. No point in setting your harness to a dinosaur.. 839 plus Xtandi ? 839 plus nab-pax..??

Recent pubs addressing glutamine-addicted disease, Warburg effect, and importance of tumor microenvironment homeostasis in cancer treatment seem to be gaining in velocity. Lots of new reading just since the holidays. I'll post more on this as I can.

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