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Re: OT: PULM v2.0

 not going to pay for original article but here's link to "supporting information": 
hoping this will be covered by PULM's existing patents because I remember reading their particles are made of amino acids, salts with proprietary methods, etc..  Science Daily article cites the particles used with mRNA are: "charged polymers called hyperbranched poly (beta amino esters)" - not amino acids so that might be a stretch....  also hard to say if this new mRNA application uses the same procedures to make the particles as PULM's iSPERSE tech without having the full article.  Maybe PULM will have something to say about this on their website or "earnings" report.  either way, the mRNA method is a long way from getting into clinic.
One point of concern may be that one of the other co-authors, Kevin Kauffman, is an employee at Verseau Therapeutics.  Another co-author, Daniel G. Anderson, is on BoD and is a co-founder along with Langer....  not sure about the other co-authors but nobody from PULM is an author.

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