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ASCO GU 2019

SirCharlesMartin on the EXEL board posted recently that CALA will present this poster at ASCO GU in February:

Abstract 549: CB-839, a glutaminase inhibitor, in combination with cabozantinib in patients with clear cell and papillary metastatic renal cell cancer (mRCC): Results of a phase I study.

Did CALA have a plan to expand the number of patients in this trial?

At ASCO GU 2018 CALA indicated the response rate in ccRCC patients was 40% (from the phase I trial that combined CB-839 and Cabo). They originally reported data from 12 patients- 2 papillary RCC and 10 ccRCC. Then, at their analyst day in October they only reported data from the 10 ccRCC patients and noted that the response rate had increased to 50%. I am always uncomfortable when a company leaves data out. Did the company ever comment on why they did this?

The abstract title for ASCO GU 2019 indicates data will be from ccRCC and papillary RCC patients.

I assume the phase I data are derived from study NCT02071862. That phase I study has 10 cohorts and planned to enroll 205 patients or about 20 per cohort.

I am just trying to anticipate what they are going to report in February. If they expand the trial to 20 patients and see a response rate that is 2x the response rate seen in the meteor trial that should move the market. Do any posters on this board agree with this?? A more robust phase I dataset could also help patient recruiting for CANTATA. Feedback is welcome.

I've never posted on this board. I have followed the EXEL board for years but I rarely post

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