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Re: Acquisition

 Casual speculation department:  (1) Someone posted on StockTwits that they heard that NRZ was the frontrunner to buy Ditech. (2) Someone did an analysis on Ditech and had it published by Seeking Alpha that indicated that Ditech assets were worth a bunch; something like $80/share.  It was a good effort by someone not highly experienced in complex financial analysis.  And there was the debt problem. (3) Very shortly after this favorable article, Ditech reported earnings and announced preparations for their next prepackaged bankruptcy. (4) If someone like NRZ were interested in taking over the post-bankruptcy assets of Ditech, the process would be very long.  Probably very, very long. (5) After thinking about it for a few seconds, it is possible that NRZ might be the most skilled potential purchaser in terms of fixing Ditech, and make a ton of money in the process. Exceedingly high risk, exceedingly high rewards.  Sound like anyone we know?
Just food for thought. 

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