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Quanta Daytona Server Ready for AMD EPYC Rome 2

QCT Daytona M.2 Expansion OCP Networking And Cablingpsd
QCT Daytona M.2 Expansion OCP Networking And Cablingpsd

For the upcoming AMD EPYC 2 “Rome” existing platforms will support the newest processors, but systems will need an update to take advantage of the most exciting features. An example of this is PCIe Gen4 which is coming to x86 in 2019 first with AMD EPYC 2 codename Rome. At the recent AMD Next Horizon event, we saw a Quanta platform designed for Rome. This system we are allowed to share.

Quanta Daytona for AMD EPYC Rome 2

Here is the overview of the system. One can see 24x front panel 2.5″ bays. We saw SATA cabling for at least 16 SATA devices, and also what appeared to be NVMe cabling.

QCT Daytona Front View
Quanta Daytona Front View

Inside were two CPU sockets along with a full set of 16 DIMMs per socket. We wanted to take a moment and noted the cable management channel. This system uses a series of hooks to keep cables organized. We see similar solutions employed by companies like Lenovo as we saw in our recent Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 2U Server Review. You may not have heard of Quanta, but they are a very large server manufacturer.

QCT Daytona DIMMs And Heatsink
Quanta Daytona DIMMs And Heatsink

Inside the server, we have a series of risers that put expansion cards primarily in the center section, but also above both power supplies on either side of the chassis.

QCT Daytona Internal Cable Routing PSU And PCIe
Quanta Daytona Internal Cable Routing PSU And PCIe

One can see that there are some nice features like the ability to fit full height PCIe expansion devices three wide across the server. One can also see OCP network mezzanine cards being employed by the Quanta Daytona server platform.

QCT Daytona M.2 Expansion OCP Networking And Cablingpsd
Quanta Daytona M.2 Expansion OCP Networking And Cabling

We also spotted a pair of M.2 slots in the middle of the PCB next to the OCP mezzanine card.

QCT Daytona M.2 Slots
Quanta Daytona M.2 Slots

While we did not get a chance to use the system, it looked ready to deploy in the form that it was in. Some development boards are easy to spot. This looks like an AMD EPYC server that has been updated for PCIe Gen4. We fully expect this server is capable of using the current AMD EPYC “Naples” generation.

Final Words

There is a more intriguing aspect to this system than you may expect at first. Quanta historically has been a very heavy Intel shop. During the AMD EPYC “Naples” launch, we had a piece titled: Most Impressive Part of the AMD EPYC Launch: The Ecosystem. Most of the major vendors were there, however, some names like Quanta/ QCT were absent. Intel pushes a lot of marketing funds to its partners and so many have been reluctant to market systems based on non-Intel chips at first. Seeing a Quanta AMD EPYC system is interesting enough. Seeing one that is made by Quanta for the PCIe Gen4 AMD EPYC 2 “Rome” is extra special.

Update 2018-12-24 QCT contacted us and let us know that this would be sold under the larger ODM Quanta brand instead of QCT brand. Updated the sotry accordingly.


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