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My bullish/simplistic view of PTLA

PTLA IPO’d at $14/share in 2013. Regular guys like us paid a couple of bucks more to get in. $14/share would be $24/share today with time value of money and an interest rate of 8%. Reversion to the mean is a real characteristic of the market and individual equities and looking simply at the graph of our stock price paints a clear picture that we are significantly below the mean. Two drugs have been approved since the IPO. They have proven safe and effective. We have figured out our manufacturing process. We only need to work through 2 things: the sales learning curve and the capital required to make it through that learning curve. The dilution created by an offering is too costly for the legacy institutional holders when we are trading below the IPO price from 7 yrs ago. The answer is clearly to partner or sell. The BOD may have been confused about the proper strategy if we were trading at $24+ per share. Below $14 the answer is clear. This simple country boy is going to be holding a nice speculative position before the specifics of the plans are worked out and shared with the world.

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