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Re: Wow, just wow.

 "Meanwhile no one outside of a few experts and hospital pharma committees has even heard of Betrixaban. I give it a value of zero to Portola. What a massive marketing failure."
Whoa, hold on to those large hats on your small heads you mopes.  First, let's give some credit to Garland.  There has been no 'massive marketing failure' here because there has been literally no marketing here, at all. None.  Garland recognized the difficulty of 'selling' this indication to hospitals, and the amount of $s required to influence those with whom may actually need to write a script for B.  This involved conferences, reaching out to KOLs, more articles, more studies, KOL's speaking at conferences, calling on hospital formulary committees, etc., etc.  The amount of $'s and resources to market this in the right way dwarfed what PTLA actually has.  the ROI was never there. 
So he puts B on the back burner.  This approval of X is in a way a Gods send for garland and B.  Let JNJ do all the heavy lifting.  Let them 'sell' the need to address this indication.  Let them raise the awareness to formulary committees, to doctors, etc.  It saves PTLA 100s of thousands of $s and perhaps years. 
Let's hope X gets some traction.  Let JNJ build a horse farm, raise colts, build a race park, invite everyone to watch their horse run, then simply show up with the faster horse. Say, 'hey since you all decided to come here and watch and bet on horses, watch this baby run".  

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