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Msg  6350 of 6517  at  6/19/2019 3:00:38 PM  by


Europe (Sorry for the Format)

Below is an exchange that took place on Stocktwits, while I can't confirm the information which states AndexXa will be available in Europe starting 7/1, it seems reasonable, now the board can decide on its validity:

RifrafJun 19th, 6:31 am

They’ll have to. At that point hospitals can put in purchase orders. They have interest from larger trauma hospitals at present but their aim is to have a dose available in all hospitals with an emergency department. If stocked but not used before expiry date they will replace it they told me. This was at European Hematology Association meeting where they had a booth.

anflanJun 19th, 7:11 am
@Rifraf @triniblockchain Isn’t it different prices in different countries potentially?

RifrafJun 19th, 7:34 am
@anflan @triniblockchain

Yes. That is the way pricing across Europe often works and it is very secretive. We should know list price of the drug but not necessarily the price that each country/ hospital pays since that is kept under wraps.

Jun 19th, 8:06 am
@Rifraf Interesting, that was not the impression I got from the shareholders meeting. Europe sales were slated to begin late in 4Q. The reason provided was they have to negotiate the price with each country, which is a fairly lengthy process. So I guess technically it would be on sale but not likely to be purchased until pricing is finalized. Did the person say what country? The feeling I got is Germany is the furthest along in the process.

RifrafJun 19th, 8:23 am

I didn’t dig deep but they told me that date was for Europe including the UK. You may well be right - that could be the date from which it can be legally prescribed but may not yet be available. I took the card of the account manager so I will email him for some clarification and will report back.

RifrafJun 19th, 10:13 am

I have heard back from accounts at Portola who have said “supply will be available in the UK from the 1st of July. Andexanet Alfa (Ondexxya brand name in Europe and UK) will also be available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and the Nordics from the same date too.”

Price has been agreed in sterling and euros (they haven’t shared that with me as yet) and they are open for orders once a business account has been set up.

So hopefully roll out will happen soon and EPS will increase now...

RifrafJun 19th, 10:50 am

A bit more info regarding price from same source

“it is £11,100 per pack of 4 vials in the UK and €12,800 in Europe.

You will need 5 vials to treat a low dose patient and 9 for a high dose patient. “

At this price use will be highly protocolised and tightly restricted I feel. In the UK NICE will have to be involved for it to have a chance of making it into routine practice.

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