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Re: Kinda Recap of ASM

 "Analysts have peak sales for Andexxa slated for 2025, but may actually be 2035 or even further out"
Biologics do have a much more effective moat than small molecules.  But for A to hold an essential long lived monopoly position assumes that future competition would only be from a biosimilar, essentially a generic version of A.  It is entirely possible that non-biologic could target the same indication.  We'll see.  
"2. I anticipate the PCC study to be insightful, but does anyone think this will change hearts and minds knowing that this is a study from a biased stakeholder?"
As long as the study design does not in some way unfairly favor the A treated patients, I believe the results will be considered a valid comparison.  Even though a study may be sponsored (funded) by an interested stakeholder, the actual studies are carried out by CRO's and institutions that have a larger vested interest in maintaining their reputation for impartiality than in a achieving specific trial outcome.

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