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Re: emergent surgery use -- off label use

 With all due respect A will be "widely available" when they have it on all of the formularies for top tier trauma centers (600) and then the balance of the total of 1500 hospitals they are initially targeting.  They have quite some way to go.   Don't get me wrong I don't expect them to reach that overnight, but I do expect them to show significant quarter by quarter progress with no blips and to have at least the top tier 600 hospitals on board when they said they would.  I realize they are being purposely vague now about projections and I think that is prudent at this stage.  

It is clear that the company will be judged soley at this point on execution against A sales and investors will have little patience for the buffoonery of the pass!!

As far as the NTAP, my understanding is that it is an ADD on payment to the CMS reimbursement.   Thus total reimbursement.  Am I understanding this incorrectly?

I do believe A will be used off label and emergent surgery is clearly a warranted off label use.  That being said, IMHO I don't think off label use at this point will be significant. 

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