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Microsoft now reporting 80M MAU for TEAM Phones

 See Microsoft reporting MAU for Team Phones for the first time!  This can't be bad news!

Microsoft has released updated usage figures for Teams, with the platform now seeing 250 million monthly active users (MAU).

The vendor has also given numbers for Teams Phones for the first time, which has hit 80 million MAU.

The move to monthly figures marks a change in approach for Microsoft, which had previously reported Teams usage by daily users. Prior to this update, the most recent statistic stood at 145 million daily active users, as of May.

On an earnings call, transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said: “Teams usage has never been higher.

“We are nearly 250 million monthly active users as people use Teams each day to communicate, collaborate and co-author content across work, life and learning.

“We are leading in the new and growing enterprise phone category. Just like video meetings, chat and business processes happen in Teams, calls happen in Teams, creating a huge new opportunity”

“We have nearly 80 million monthly active Teams Phones users, with total calls surpassing 1 billion in a single month this quarter, and we’re just getting started.”

Nadella was speaking as Microsoft revealed its Q4 results, with sales climbing 21 percent year on year to $46.2bn. Operating income was up 42 percent to $19.1bn.


The CEO described Teams as “the new front end”, bringing together collaboration with other areas such as HR, marketing and finance.

He revealed that 124 organisations now have more than 100,000 Teams users, with 3,000 now having more than 10,000 users.

Speaking more broadly about Microsoft 365, he said the vendor is seeing double-digit seat growth across every business segment.

Nadella also elaborated on the increased integration between Teams and Dynamics 365, explaining that the pandemic is driving “a new chapter for a complete suite” that integrates, collaboration, customer experience, marketing, supply chain, and more.

“There’s going to be a completely new cycle of business process automation that is going to be AI-first and collaboration-first,” he said.

“[That is] where that intersection between Teams and Business Process or Dynamics comes through because you do not want to have a system of record for anything, whether it is a customer or a part of a forecast, that you don’t want to collaborate on, that you don’t want to communicate on.”


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