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Re: Is This Thing On?

this time it will be different quant. today's solutions apply to all participant providers on the network. meaning a rural sp purchases the same technology as a tier1. this has never happened before. ideally a rural could provide as sophisticated of a service as any big sp. think of the ops, small sp's can nail down certain regions and then scale the same model and it's all by software.

this is why eci is attractive, the lay the path and rbbn also provides much the software. when these sp's expand into areas you call eci and you slice it, everything else in the model is already built.

i think rbbn should beef up their tech services staff and provide the software from their own cloud however. the money is in the recurring revs a model like the described. the software sbc is worth its weight in gold. ask meta about that. the sbc will be key because the number of onramps is growing and the new sky wifi will be completed. the sbc is the key for everything comms.

all that said, we pound sand and the roof of my trailer is leaking.

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