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Kandy - synopsis of features

A key update this year has been making Kandy’S APIs and turnkey applications available for the first time through a self-service e-commerce platform, the API marketplace, complete with phone number purchase and billing, and integration with the Communications Service Provider’s BSS. This includes: - real-time communications APIs (WebRTC voice, WebRTC video, audio conferencing, video conferencing, SIP voice/video services, and Cloud FAX as part of the Kandy UCaaS converged offering. - OMA/GSMA based messaging APIs for SMS, MMS, RCS A2P (carrier direct), Instant Messaging, Group Messaging, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. Our Live Support application already implements CPaaS social messaging APIs for Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Slack, and additional social messaging APIs are planned for delivery within the next 6-12 months. - an AI-based IVR solution utilizing Kandy APIs. Live Support integrates support for IBM Digital Cognitive Agent (DCA), providing voice or chat bot AI for 24/7 first line access to an enterprise via the web or common social media platforms. DCA can seamlessly escalate an AI interaction to a human Live Support call agent (with historical context and content of the AI interactions). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn97wgm0znQ - a cloud-based billing engine offering support for transaction and subscription business models, with the ability to construct bill feeds into CSP BSS Billing Systems with CDRs, flat files, and real-time API integrations. Kandy can offer custom integration to CSP billing systems as required, including flexibility in rating, taxing, discounting, mediation, and even the ability to bill on behalf of the CSP. Kandy white-label CPaaS offers a self-service ecommerce portal, with credit card payment integration The Kandy CPaaS Marketplace for third-parties allows SaaS vendors to offer their applications to CSP customers and channels, greatly simplifying go-to-market while enabling customers to subscribe to new apps, and pay for them on their CSP bill.

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