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Msg  5538 of 5609  at  6/18/2019 1:42:38 PM  by


press from rbbn

they did a survey in the eu. seems rbbn is pushing their security, vnf and analytics. carriers are depended on to provide this security, a dig on the over the tops i suspect. white label kandy with the power of security, analytics and vnf's. uc has only begun in a meaningful way that is connected to the comms. at the last investor show someone said the sbc is an interim tech but i dont see it that way. the functions of the sbc for big and complicated carriers, mso's isnt going away, it's needed for a long time. no one is wholesaling out their current infrastructure and even if a brand new paradigm the sbc is the controller, the eyes into the stream. more likely is the sbc is bought out by a network os play where it becomes part of the overarching controller. honestly, rbbn is a 2b play just for it's i.p. but i suspect jpm isnt selling at the moment.

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