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Re: Q1 revenue

I agree, Mark -- legacy off the cliff. On the buyback, I am thinking that with Meta funds as "bookable," Ribbon management increased the line of credit on a better rate and they planning to use those funds for the buyback. (Daryl's "looking at" comment.)

At 2300+ employees to support $650 million in revenue, imo, they are still too fat for a software firm. I repeat again now for the third CEO ... if this year's future is this shakey, then manage the firm to a GAAP PE of 20. I am disappointed also that it reads as if Ribbon is depending upon the service providers to go out and obtain the session software revenue. Between Sonus, Genband and Edgewater sales personnel blanketing the global key markets, if SPs are the chosen sales channel, what do the sales teams do -- hold their hands on sales calls?

Confused on "linearity" in the Q&A. Maybe someone can post in what is being said:

>> Our view on -- our view on linearity [ph] right now would have us just a couple of points less than this time last year in terms of percent of total revenue for the quarter but we do believe that they are looking at our forecast and our visibility that the linearity will improve in those couple of points will be made up in the fourth quarter.

It's more -- the enterprise business is more exposed to market demands and enterprise bookshop business are in. We go to market through our large service provider partners who are servicing their small medium enterprise and large institutional enterprise business. We fulfill through them. We do have -- we do work with them on demand planning quite well. But that generally moves out about six to eight months in advance. <<

What I now see is a long slow-motion SBC Ribbon trade-off race (legacy v. sessions) with competitors nipping at the "leader's" SBC heels by constantly upgrading security tools, replicating Kandy and adopting AI tools. If the Swiss-knife SBC is indeed a key gate, then the take-out scenario remains strong as long as our market cap is this cheap (vs. investing in writing new architecture). Our legacy performance reputation and Tier1 history is icing to a deep pocket. In addition to snatching SBC features, a slash of redundant SG&A would be the gravy. BT, WDIK.

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