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This P3 took too long and another P3 will allow competitors like Karuna & Sunovion to catch up in schizo neg sym. The positive for 101 is the new formulation provides a longer patent life out to around 2035 so there is time for another try. The huge negative for NERV is it has very little money left to run another P3. 202's P2 data was weak for MDD but good for insomnia. There are already 2 approved orexins for insomnia and another one is on the way after recent good P3 data. But being 4th out of the gate for the insomnia market reduces that indication's value a lot imo. 202's had good MDD with insomnia data & that impressed JNJ enough to plan a P3. If they start a couple of P3s this year 202 could have the lead there. Tim I wish you & the rest luck but I was here strictly for schizo so I've sold the rest of my NERV.  

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