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Re: Nobody ? . . .. yikes ! ! ! do you belive what Mabel just said ? ? ? ? ?

 Easy now.... a “rather bullish pronouncement” is your interpretation, not mine.  Normally i wouldnt post a response of mine to a direct message but since no names or confidentiality is revealed, i will make an exception.  For reference, the pps had closed at 5.95 on the previous friday.  
Date: 1/5/2020 1:57:35 PM
Subject: RE: Thank You
I have no real good feel in terms of pps movement. For me the stock is in no man's land. Its not low enough where i would want to add but not high enough to reduce. Prior to the announcement i felt that the stock was largely washed out. its one of the reasons that i have posted on the board that i did not see significant tax loss selling prior to oct and Dec 31st.
What i still dont see is any reason an institution would want to take a stake in Intrexon. If i was running an entity with a fiduciary responsibility to its investors no way would i get within 10 miles of a Kirk controlled company after what has taken place the past several years. Any appreciation in pps imo will be short lived from short covering rather than accumulation by long term shareholders. A month ago i would have stated that i believed the lows of $4 were in and that we would not revisit those prices. I cant say that today after the fire sale that took place. Even though i bought into Intrexon at $4 with the thesis of mainly Precigen and Helen, what i have witnessed from Kirk and the BOD these last 4-5 months is really troubling.
The burden now falls upon Helen to right this ship which i believe will begin at JPM Health Week. IM not expecting Helen to release any material news or partnerships in her presentation. Im expecting her to continue on the path she started last jan and touch upon the recent reorganization to focus on Precigen and the healthcare opportunities ahead. I do not expect Helen to release any data except possibly preclinical and to say they expect data read outs on PCGN 3005 & 3006. I also anticipate her mentioning PCGN 2009 and that it will be moving to clinic in q1 latest q2. As far as PCGN 5001 and 5002, i do not expect much other than reviewing the power point slides. It seems that Intrexon preferred to partner with these two candidates in the past but that might change once Energy and Trans Ova are divested. As in the past i do not expect Helen to announce whether they have seen cell expansion and patient status. She is going to lay out at JPM what they expect to accomplish in 2020.
I see Intrexon or should we say Precigen largely trading between 5 to 7 dollars until we see data readouts in the 2h of 2020. This doesnt mean that i cant imagine it testing the $4 range or $8 on big time short covering if there is a decent outcome on energy and Trans Ova. I do not see the stock breaking the 8.75ish highs of 2019 unless there is tremendous data read out news.
As always GL on your investment and i hope that im wrong and the pps explodes into the teens.

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