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Re: 2019 no longer matters

 I disagree that 2019 no longer matters as imo how Intrexon has executed in the past qtr is going to set the stage for 2020.  The Nov CC is critical for long suffering shareholders as there are a number of balls in the air that need clarity.  Kirk has to demonstrate that the company is executing and restrain from making any condescending, idiotic statements.   He needs to be transparent and stick to facts when talking about the business. We need to see progress on Apple, Lettuce and Enviro.  We need the status on Pigs/cattle and whether the company is still on target for year end cash of 175 million.  As far as Precigen, i want zero hyperbole.  just communicate the progress your are making in terms of the programs.  I dont want to hear one iota about how much interest Precigen is generating unless they have a signed partnership to announce.  
The bar is set pretty low for Kirk but i would never under estimate Kirk's ability to fuck things up even more.  Im not sure when the last time Kirk has delivered a solid earnings call.  Lets hope that the bumbling CEO/Chairman's mic isnt functioning.  
At minimum for this call, Intrexon needs to show that they are still on track to execute their planned 175 million of capital by year end.

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