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Re: Avoid The Intrexon Hype?(Where's the Pork- another football season and our QB remains in the huddle.?)

I think there is very little hype left here. XON remains a private company with a stock symbol. RJ, Merck, Miller and Dell control 70+ % of the O/S. Aside from that, very little buy or sell side interest in this name. The massive short counterbalances that concentrated ownership and limited tradable float.

This currency is likely adrift until we either get more clarity on progress re: the going concern garage sale. Until then, we have a Mexican standoff at these single digit levels until there is either meaningful news or they need to raise cash.

Hopefully the Piggy sale gets announced prior to the end of the month. After that; maybe they provide some clarity on energy and cows by EOY. Likely this trades sideways until we hear what Helen has to say in November. I remain realistic here since early data can only move a name so far. It's going to take a balance sheet repairing partnership to move this. Absent that, Mr. Market will likely yawn at whatever interesting early data our "star of the show" reveals in Novemember.

XON a long way to go to begin to rebuild credibility and missing yet another self-created deadline on piggies does not inspire confidence. Amateur hour at its finest re: setting investor expectations.

Technically the concentrated ownership could make for one H#LL of a short squeeze but that would require news that is signici ant enough to move 4 or 5 MM new longs into the name which would induce the FBT liquidation. Again, the only thing that does that is an Honest to God cash on the table deal with a name brand partner. The question remains if Helen's data is a) good enough and b) mature enough to render same. Mr. Market aided by a very vocal and stubborn short cabal is betting no and setting up for further dilutive events.

I suspect the General will be tasked continue his garage sale. My gut says no split on this company despite guidance from senior management. Everything ex health gets sold or partnered and perhaps the currency gets rebranded as Precigen. I also suspect we see an MLP spinoff to shareholders on energy at some point and yes, apples will be turned over to someone who knows how to market. The NEVER ENDING Fish Drama? Meaningless in the broader scheme but it underscores that XON should stick to its R$D mission and leave commercialization to others. Wrigley is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, that's the model going forward.

Still waiting for our 4th Q QB to put some real (not intrinsic value) points on the board. It seems the CON bleachers are pretty empty as most of the faithful have left and placed their greatly diminished bio bankrolls on other teams. At least UGA won last night. Small blessings.



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