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Another Covid view

Remember the song line "if you believe in things you don't understand then you suffer"?
Have any of you ever searched-
a) is covid death due to virus or sepsis?
b) is flu death due to virus or sepsis?

Be sure to search your most trusted sources. Sepsis associations,CDC,NIH, Mayo, Harvard, Yale, WHO, etc. Try to avoid all News outlets where most get their medical information from. (sarcasm)

Almost zero non-medical folks know the definition of sepsis and most medical professional don't know the actual definition of sepsis either. What's frightening and frustrating is very few medical professionals know how to diagnose sepsis before it gets critical or even know how to treat it.

Bottom lines for me
a) our immune system has very little problem eliminating these respiratory viruses.
b) learning to deal with sepsis will all but eliminate these respiratory virus deaths
c) know what facilities around you have MD's that are up to date with sepsis treatment and where the closest ECMO machines are.

Now I'll simplify it and provide some direction for anyone wanting to look further.
Two parts to the immune system-
a) armed forces (T cells) to gather and destroy what it "sees" as invaders.
b) fire department (histamine/cytokines/etc) causing the sniffles/sneezing/eye watering/rashes/swelling after injury/complicatons of seafood/
peanut/bee sting allergies.

Imagine a small fire in your den waste paper basket and you have two choices to deal with it.
a) stomp on it and /or pour a glass of water on it
b) call in 10 fire departments and a forest fire plane fighter to dump a pool full of water on your home at 300mph

Both will put out the fire but one choice leaves you without a house..Choice (b) is sepsis.
For me sepsis is an unintentionnal suicide attempt. Death from Spanish flu, H1N1, seasonal flu, covid, the next thing that will surely evolve will be from the dissregulated immune response known as sepsis (unintentional suicide). Sepsis and Cytokine Storm are the same thing. Sepsis and Cytokine storm are the same thing. Repeat.

Interesting search is "Covid and Bradykinin Storm" which involves University of Tennessee doing a genetic sweep of covid.

Go to and use key words like -
cytokine filters.
cytokine inhibitors.
steroids and covid.

After understanding the information and understanding that the blood/air permeable membranes in the lungs are inflammed enough during sepsis to prevent gas exchange just WTF the use is for a ventilator during a respiratory virus induced sepsis. Pump those lungs all day long with pure oxygen and still no gas exchange. Try an ECMO if you are looking for a miracle. Better yet learn how to diagnose sepsis early and treat it properly! Which reminds me, search for the research on the developing Cytokine tests for early sepsis diagnosis.

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