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  • Here We Go Again: Apparently, it's just one of those years. We here in the Greater New Orleans Area now find ourselves "in the cone" for the 7th time this year. And while we more or less dodged bullets the first 6 times, it looks like this time Zeta is going to hit close enough to do damage. We can only hope it stays a relatively minor Cat 1 & weakens upon approach. But preparations are once again in order for those of us living along the central Gulf Coast. Members with family or other interests in the affected area are welcome to post on the new Hurricane Zeta Self-Help board we just set up. Good luck & stay safe! 

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Re: new range being established?

It's not even worth investing in these little POS stocks. 2nd and 3rd tier stocks is where Wall Street creams the dreamer investors.
 So should I give back all the money I make on them and go to all mutual funds? 
Just because you can't figure it out, does not mean others have not.  You just got to know how to find the right companies, have a plan for investing in them, and the discipline to execute that plan.  
Twenty-eight years ago, when I first started investing in these types of companies, I would have 3-4 failures for every 10 I bought.  Over the years, as my DD and skills have gotten better, I have reduced that to 1 or 2 losers for every 10  I buy.  Most I make 25-50%, overall.  But I make +100% on many. 
Then there are the "grandslams" - Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ) buyout of Celator (CPXX) for $1.6B,  Mallinckrodt (MNK) acquires Questcor (QCOR) for $5.6 billion, and last weekend we saw IMMU get bought-out by Gilead for $21B.  If you go over to the IMMU board on Silicon Investor, you can read about some of the investors there who are talking about "life changing money" they will make on that deal.  It will be my largest profit of all, in 28 years of investing in biotech.
So there is money to be made here, in CRMD, like any stock sector, if you just know how to play it.  I have a profit here already.  I'll make much more as it continues to move up.  

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