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from mrdecember

ot- stock update- PAYS....why i hold...still...and will add at my leisure more- where else to park money in such a crisis?
"Overall, we are pleased with the company's full year revenue and earnings growth. However, we are certainly disappointed with the fourth quarter's performance and its contribution to missing our full year revenue guidance. We remain enthusiastic about the long-term trajectory of the company, and continue to focus on maximizing shareholder value," said Mr. Newcomer. "We expect continued growth in both revenue and net income in 2020, as source plasma collection has been deemed critical infrastructure, and we do not anticipate a decline in the demand for pharmaceutical patient affordability products. In 2019, we expanded our footprint in pharmaceutical payment solutions to include additional patient affordability products and services. As a result, we have established a Patient Affordability Division that offers our established pharmaceutical payments as well as new products and services that go beyond our traditional pharmaceutical payment cards."

"With continued plasma and pharma strength, expansion into new industry verticals, and the launch of new products, the company expects to see continued revenue and earnings growth in 2020, and similar gross margins to 2019," stated Mark Attinger, Chief Financial Officer.

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