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Re: Anybody Voting - Thoughts Please

 I still hold a few shares for shits and giggles.  I'm not sure who the controlling shareholders are in this company right now.  Not much to say other than looks like their SYN004 and SYN010 concepts have not panned out and not clear how they get any value for them at this point.
I'd like to know management's thinking at this point. Their last PR related to retaining their listing at the NYSE American....
Before that was their May 8 Q1 PR which indicated their SYN010 Ph2b was ongoing with data second half 2019.  They were casting about for a way to move forward with SYN004, but nothing saud since then as far as I know.
This one is on life support.  If "something" positive happens, then maybe $0.53 is a good buy point.  But, nothing positive may happen...
As for voting, vote "YES" and "NO" have equal weight at this point, as I don't think there's any investor movement to make major changes to the BOD.  Reality is their therapies have not delivered on their promise. 

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