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Msg  1862 of 1873  at  6/23/2020 11:17:21 AM  by


BMO Conference

Half hour worth your time on the replay (I woke up to listen live). You can see the spike in share price as the conference started and rightfully so.

Not a lot new, but comforting to hear that the assumptions made at Q1 CC are still valid (or conservative as I would put it).

Of interest, the J-code for T which is expected in Oct has not slowed down reimbursement for T as payers understand the benefit and value of the product. To this end, the J-code won't make much difference in reimbursement going forward (which has been much smoother than anticipated).

Uptake of both T and K are expected to go up dramatically when COVOID restrictions and delays are lessened (around 1500 K patients enrolled but deferred).

Studies with M immuno with K combo are already seeing a larger number of physicians choosing this route.

Label for T already allows for treatment of inactive TED, and strong anecdotal evidence of efficacy, but a 20 person study will be held to show the benefit of such treatment. 70,000 potential patients, about half of which have coverage that could be used for t treatment. Current $1B peak sales only based on 15K population. I believe this was put out previously, but moderator acting as if it was new info to him (and therefore others may be hearing this for the first time as well - great for investors).

$400M note conversion will be completed in July. Company is still actively looking for other acquisitions.

Most of the info was focused on T and K, but there was a question on what the company was doing about its PC drugs. Some are coming off patent protection, but doesn't seem that there is any news there. Not very important in my opinion as they become an ever smaller slice of the pie and still generate cash.

Worth listening to the half hour broadcast as previously mentioned. Good recap of where we are and what the company is expecting.

Oh yeah, AND ANOTHER ONE (all time high today).

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