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Re: Price targets for long-term shareholders

I, too, have been in HZNP for many years but have sold up to now based on trying to cover the cost of my remaining shares.  I started out selling a few at 1.5  times my buy in price, then went to 3x the purchase price and finally before the dark days you mentioned I sold some at 6x the PP.  When it recovered in 2018-2019, I again sold some at when it started up and again at 6x the PP.  I'm now holding about 40% of my total purchased shares more or less for the long term--that now being defined not as T approval but as when sales from T have ramped up significantly.  At that point, I expect to sell half of the remaining shares if I see the possibility of the company continuing an upward trajectory.  If they don't have new indications/products in the pipeline or at least near-term in the pipeline, I'll probably bale and sell all my remaining shares.  I will, however, keep an eye on the company especially during the next downturn in the market (one of those 20% corrections) to see if it might be an opportunity to get back into this stock.  I wouldn't expect but that 1.5 to 2x gain if I do get back in at the next market correction.  KB

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