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Re: Lunch with Annabel

Will agree strongly with you on Annabel who is (IMHO) the absolutely best analyst on HZNP who has been closest to the company longer than anyone I can think of. She always has good questions at CC's and obviously (e.g. lunch) has a strong relationship to TW, and likely access not given readily to others.

On the subject of share price, I strongly disagree with your premise that the stock has been in a "mailaise: for the past few months:

The stock was fighting the battle of $24 support (extremely important support level as this is where the stock collapsed on its way down from $39. Shorts pushed it down from 52 week high in Feb when the stock went from $21 to $29 in two trading days (this was way too fast to sustain).

Stock finished 2018 at $19.54 so at today's close we are up 36.5% for the year so far, and over 40% in 52 weeks, 120% in 2 years, and 176% since the low in May 2017. These are extremely impressive numbers by any standard and we all believe (as does Annabel) that the stock is poised for its next run at any time.

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