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Re: OT - ET - OT

Holding ET in my Roth is looking more and more like a bad idea as I am learning from various readings. OTOH where else can I get a 10% dividend and selling now with the price so depressed is nothing I look forward to. Are the distributions considered or sometimes considered to be part of UBI and thus taxed? Is the UBIT at the rate of ordinary income? Aren't the same tax liabilities present if held in a taxable account? I've found it hard to get detailed answers to all questions and my own tax CPA and my cousin the CPA both misunderstood the entire issue so confusion is widespread even among tax pros. TDA does all the calculating for you and then bills you for the amount owed so I guess come February or March I'll get the shocker. If it is so high as to make the 10% distribution greatly reduced I guess I'll just have to suck it up and look for lower yield in a less complicated vehicle.Sigh.. guess the 10% in a Roth was too good to be true.BTW anyone know what the UBI for ET was in 2018 so I can estimate the damage. Thanks in a advance.


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