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Re: REITS up strong today

 >>>>Look at the pathetic Colony trio getting killed by incompetent management.
i continue to HOPE thats all it is.  incompetent management can be corrected (or bailed out by the assets value).  fraudulent valuations cant.  which scenario are we in again?
if not for the index holding them up, would clearly be a real rout on nre.  awful.  but hey, now they can accept $16 in a deal and claim victory over market price!  the fact that they havent accepted like $16.50 already, and seem to be waiting for what? $15? $14? almost worries me more.  i believe the "2nd round of bids" reporting was there are/were bids.  how low do we have to go to get in range of those bids?  because i cant believe they turned away bids in the $18 and up range...that would be unthinkable at this point. 
also one other thing to keep in mind this week is friday is i think a quad witch- with a good bit of index rebalancing.  certainly not specific to nre/clny but just in general might see some odd/outsized moves all over particularly around the open/close this week as tutes/indexes do their usual manuevers.

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